Flasks for men are not just meant to store spirits. Some men would also use flasks to store water. It is very handy too. Maybe this is the reason why almost every man wants to have his own piece of flask. And if you’re looking for a nice item to give our husband or your friend, below are a few tips for you when buying flasks for men:  

Usefulness and Design

You may want to pick a flask that can easily be placed in the pocket and can carry enough amount of water or spirit. The standard size of flasks should carry 8oz of liquid. The common thin square or disc and curve shape of flasks makes it easier to store in the pockets.

You can find flask in different designs and themes. There are flasks that you can have your husband’s name engraved or printed upon request. Most flasks are now made of steel because of its sturdiness and it does not affect the taste of spirits stored in it. This means that your husband can store his favorite spirits in the flask for longer period of time without affecting the taste.


Flasks are generally easy to clean. You don’t have to polish it or wash it with soaps (some residues may leave an unwanted taste). You simply rinse it with warm water and leave it to dry. Also, always remember that you can only store hard spirits like whisky, brandy or vodka.

The Cost

Flasks usually cost from thirty to a hundred of dollars. You can browse the web to find good quality flasks for a very reasonable price.


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