They were your closest friends from your dorm days, they were there when you first had a broken heart, they were the once you celebrated most of your birthdays, and now they’ll stand behind you on your wedding day. There are lots of groomsmen gift ideas everywhere but finding the best gifts seems very elusive.  And if you’re looking for unique groomsmen gift ideas right now, why not give them wine gifts. To help you cut the chase, below are some of the best unique wine gift ideas for your groomsmen.

Wine Stopper and Pourer
Give them a classy bottle stopper. Your groomsmen will surely enjoy the full taste of wine even after opening it. Wine stoppers seal the bottle perfectly so the aroma and the taste are not affected even after several days it was opened. Couple it with a nice bottle of wine, and you have a perfect unique groomsmen gift.

A Set of Wine Glasses
Next in our list of unique groomsmen gift ideas is a set of wine glasses. Nothing beats drinking wine in a wine glass. Enjoy the rich aroma of wine before sipping and savoring its gorgeous taste. Your groomsmen can use these wine glasses to entertain their guests with their treasured wine.

Leather Wine Keeper with Corkscrew
Give your groomsmen one of these leather satchels that offer a perfect space for a bottle of wine. It is sturdy and sleek enough to be brought anywhere like in a camping trip or summer concerts. It comes with leather strings, a brass grommets and a steel corkscrew.


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