If your dad or your grandpa is soon celebrating his birthday buying gifts for him is quite taxing. There are several mens gift ideas in the internet. However, in one way or another, they just look the same. So if you’re looking for something that will benefit him, you may want to try these healthy gifts for him.

Gym Membership

If your dad or your old man loves working out or needs a little push to shed off some pounds, you may want to buy a gym membership for him. And to encourage him further to stay fit, you may also want to enroll him in a workout class.

Health Magazines and Books

He will surely benefit from the latest health and fitness magazines and books. He’ll get to know the latest breakthroughs in staying fit and healthy. He’ll also learn how to keep a healthy diet to avoid health issues especially for his age.   

Heart Rate Monitor

It’s a helpful way to tell him that his heart is in good shape. Men in advance age may start to develop heart problems. It is important to that they can keep track of their heart rate. You may want to buy him the latest heart rate monitor which he can use using other gadgets like iPods to display his heart rate and any calories burned after a long walk.  

These are only some of the healthy men’s gift ideas, you may also want to give him diet books, or treat him for a healthy or vegetarian meal. Just be creative or you may want to search online for the latest development in the health and fitness world.


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