If you’ve been racking your brains, trying to look for groomsmen gift ideas for your younger friends – stop worrying and read this! Perhaps you have younger friends you want to include in your wedding party – like younger brothers, nephews or cousins. There’s no need for them to feel left out. You can give them these gift ideas for groomsmen who are younger.

Young people today like gadgets, and you can easily find some fun little items wo give to your groomsmen. Small electronics, like USB flash drives, USB hubs, hard drives, mp3 players, etc. can make great groomsmen gift ideas that are fun and useful. If you have a bit more money, your young friends will certainly appreciate a tablet computer, or maybe a new mobile phone.

Of course, it’s never too early to give them more mature gifts. A good pair of cufflinks or a silk tie will help them get on their way to dressing more adult-like, and something they can use for other formal occasions (which they’ll be attending more as they grow older, like weddings, graduations, work dinners.) You can give them their first “adult” wallet, in real leather, to hold all the things they’ll be collecting over the years, be it their credit cards, check cards, pictures of girlfriends, etc.

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For groomsmen, getting gifts like bobbleheads and pub signs are great – but more often than not, these end up gathering dust in the corner. Practical groomsmen gifts ideas  makes more sense – as these are used and won’t just be thrown out after a year.

A Swiss army knife is one of the most useful tools to have around – after all, it has everything but the kitchen sink (though it does have tools to let you fix it!) Swiss army knives make great groomsmen gift (or for any guy). They can be used around the house, while traveling, camping, for roadtrips, etc. You can even gave them personally engraved with the receiver’s name or initials, and the date of the wedding, to make it a memorable gift from your wedding.

Of course, if you know your friends well, it’s best to find practical gifts for them that suit their tastes and needs. For your friends who love to barbeque, a some new spices of grilling tools are great groomsmen gift ideas. For your golfing buddies, new golf balls, golf tees or gloves (the stuff that wears out easily) will surely be appreciated. The trick is to think of things that they will need on a regular basis, and you can ensure that your gift will be valued.